Who We Are

Starbright Wine is hospitality-rooted, women-founded, and technology-focused online wine retail.  We sell delicious and thoughtfully-chosen wine, with a personalized guest experience available online or over text. Shop our website or text with one of our Wine Experts to receive a cart filled with wines tailored to your taste preference, and we’ll deliver it to your home or office same day, or on a date and time of your choosing.  

We have grown up and nurtured our careers in the development, marketing and operations of restaurants and international hospitality brands.  Prepared by our experience, inspired by an enthusiastic love of wine, and driven by the determination to build something special for our guests, we are thrilled to bring Starbright to Atlanta.

Our mission is simple: we believe that you should be buying, and drinking, wine that you love.  Tell us what you like, ask questions, and let us know if there is ever anything you’d like to see more of.  We’re building this community for you.

Thanks for joining us,

Rachel Katz | Founder + CEO